Not ready for the bathing suit season? 

Don’t worry girl! I got you. 

Throw down those fries and get ready to enjoy some tasty healthy meals that will help you feel great on the beach this season. 

No more killing yourself in the gym. 

No more sweating for hours each day. 

Just not seeing results.

Workout smarter! 

I strength train in a way that is short and efficient. 

Woman on a Towel

Start working out smarter and learn how to eat for your body. 

I provide simple laid out meal plans that will show you a week at a glance as well as provide you with grocery lists and recipes to follow. I also give you the fats, carbs, and protein for each meal and 1 day total to make things easy. 

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Check out the before/after pictures and the testimonials for yourself. If you are not local to me in Pensacola, FL you can still work with me online from your home. No need to travel to a gym because we use minimal equipment and you don’t need much space. I change the workouts every single month and provide a 4 week meal plan that I also replace every 90 days. You don’t even have to think about what you are going to do for exercise or what you will make for dinner. 






Learn from someone that has been where you are now

I haven’t always been in shape and have kept off the 20lbs I lost for 16 years. The best part is that I learned how to exercise in a way that helped me build muscle, raise my metabolism, and I didn’t have to kill myself for hours each day. Short 30 minute workouts is all you need! 

Learn from someone that has been where you are. Trying to lose weight and feel great in her body. Back in 2004, I was struggling to drop some weight. Working out all the time and only losing 5lbs in a year of work. I realized the missing piece of the puzzle was my nutrition. 

I learned how to make small changes to start losing weight. Within 3 months I dropped 20lbs. Wow! It was my nutrition the entire time. I am going to help you cut corners and get to those steps quickly instead of having to go through all of the trial and error I did.