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5 Steps to Lose Weight even with Fast Food

Ok so I know with all of my natural minded friends you are going, What The Heck? Really Candace, Fast Food?

Hang in there with me ok. Back in 2004, when I started changing how I was eating, it took baby steps to make those habits stick. I didn’t immediately stop eating out cold turkey and go gluten and dairy free. I don’t know anyone that made that switch immediately and stick with it long term.

You see I have always been an active person and actually love exercise. I had a gym membership with my mom and would take step classes and spin classes. I ran track in middle school and have always been naturally muscular. I never did diet, but I did not have healthy eating habits. I grew up on pasta dishes and would eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting. Once I was in college, I wold grab a biscuit on the way to work and start my day with a coke. Lunch was fast food also and dinner some type of pasta dish.

After a year of being consistent in the gym I only lost 5 lbs and I was very discouraged. I realized that it was my eating I needed to get under control. I started making small changes. I started making breakfast at home, which consisted of egg white omelets most of the time. I stopped drinking sugar filled drinks, so no more sodas for me. I did that cold turkey and did have a mild headache for 2 weeks. That was enough for me to not pick up another caffeine and sugar filled drink after dealing with those withdrawals.

When I would get lunch I would order a side salad instead of fries. Water instead of sweet tea or coke. I also stopped ordering fried food. So grilled chicken or a small hamburger is what I ordered. I also would only eat 1/2 the bun if I ordered a sandwich. My last tip is when dining out for dinner ask your waiter to box 1/2 your meal before bringing it out. We all know that meals are at least 2 servings if not more. By boxing 1/2 before its brought out will remove temptation to eat the entire amount.

After 3 months of doing this I lost 20 lbs. I didn’t count calories or macros at this time. I just made sure I was eating 5 portions of protein, 5 portions or veggies and 3 portions of fruit per day.

5 Tips to Lose Weight even on Fast Food

- Order water instead of soda or sweet tea

- Order a side salad or side of veggies instead of fries

- Order grilled/baked/blackened protein instead of fried food

- Eat 1/2 the bread on sandwiches

These steps will be the start to some great habits. If you are just starting out making changes this is an easy start. It takes baby steps to make lifestyle habits. Diets are not sustainable when you are using meal replacements and doing things like restricting all sugar. It’s not something that you can do really long term and takes little steps to get you to that point.

I would love to know your feedback! I am starting a Sugar Reset January 4th, 2020 to help get back on track after the holidays. You can join me here:

I include pre-recorded workouts that you can do at home or when traveling. Meal plans that are easy to follow, recipes and grocery lists included. All of this takes place within a private Facebook group and you also have access in the members only area right here on my website. Easy easy!



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